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Support The Driskell

THE DRISKELL is preparing for our variance hearing to become a full-service Social Club that includes a restaurant, bar, pool, outdoor lawn for picnics, yoga, and the like.


We need your support to show the Board of Adjustments that we have community support to operate commercially. We will then be Residential 1 with a variance.

Here are 3 easy and quick ways to show your support!

You can participate in all 3!

The goal is for all emails of support to arrive at the BOA by 11/1/23 at noon.


1. Email of Support

Email your support comments to:

and cc


In the subject line, please add the following:

BOA-002684-2023, 1410 GOVERNMENT STREET / Letter of Support.

(The BOA reference number must be included!)

Our goal is to have all emails of support to arrive to the BOA by 11-01-2023 by noon.

See some suggestions below!

2. Leave a comment directly on the BOA site.

Follow this link, Meeting Comments, scroll down to Murphy D Bishop and click on the white down arrow.

Click the leave comment green button.

A form with my case number will pop up.

All you have to say is, I support the variance approval.

Add your name and address.


3. Come to the meeting.

November 6th, 2023 at 2pm



Mobile Government Plaza, 205 Government Street.  Multipurpose/Assembly Room


Please wear Navy Blue if you have it!

For the email campaign, we have created some guidance that you can pull from at your discretion.

If you live near THE DRISKELL:

notate why you would like us in the area.  Ideas such as a communal space for neighbors, additional food, and drink options or simply a place to swim or to relax on the patio.  If you are in walking distance, please mention this.  Any reason you would find joy in having THE DRISKELL as a neighbor, please express yourself. 

If you do not live near THE DRISKELL:

Call out why the new business would attract you.  I.e., You often travel to midtown, your kids or parents live in the area, you need new places to take clients, friends, and family. Possibly you would like a relaxing place to swim. It is very important for the BOA to understand the ‘why’ you support the initiative.

If you support small business and seek out reasons to spend more time in the midtown area:

Please let the BOA know.  If you find that the midtown area has a void of places that meet your needs for food, craft cocktails, pool, or general relaxation, please mention this as we can fill this void.


Our goal is for the emails of support to be 100% authentic and transparent.

Please include your name, address, phone number and email address. 


If you have friends, family or coworkers that did not make the meeting, please forward this weblink and ask them to join the THE DRISKELL 100 campaign.

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